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Management Message

Yönetim mesajı

Dear business partners and dear colleagues,

In the process of our deep-rooted history as Mixta, we have witnessed political, economic, cultural, and, perhaps most importantly, technological transformation. We have always made agile and fast decisions in the face of developing technology, new concepts that have entered our lives, and changing ways of doing business and priorities. Here is the first secret of our strength today. We have strengthened our power in production with the goal of being a pioneer rather than keeping up with the change and the practices we have implemented in this direction. At the point where technology has come, our production lines and products lead the 21st century. Today, our most important efforts include leading change and catching the future with awareness of our responsibilities.

Our responsibility towards our colleagues, business partners in different countries, and local stakeholders always encourages us to act with a visionary approach. Digitalization is becoming increasingly important in production and management processes. In this context, we integrate the latest technology into our production lines in our company, put into practice the innovative systems we produce as a result of our R&D studies, and while focusing on energy efficiency and water efficiency, we protect natural resources both in production processes and in the final product. We continue our activities in line with our sustainability principles by adopting eco-friendly production methods and creating value for nature, without ignoring our responsibilities towards the world we live in. Sustainability in all aspects will take its place among our most important agenda items in the near future. On the other hand, we are aware of our social responsibilities as an output of production. This awareness enables Mixta to look to the future more confidently.

As Mixta, we continue our steady growth. Together with our employees, we will increase our contribution to our country’s economy by focusing on production and exports in the coming years. We will implement the investments we have planned while expanding the scope of our efforts to strengthen our presence in the global arena. As one of Turkey’s leading industrial companies in the field of health, we will continue our responsibility to produce benefits for the world we live in, our country, our employees, and our stakeholders, and to use technology to create benefits.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our valued customers, suppliers, business partners, managers, colleagues, and all our stakeholders who supported us, who we believe will achieve great success together.

Best Regards

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