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IV Stands

A drip stand is a device used in medical applications such as hospitals, clinics, or home care to transport and infuse patients' intravenous solutions. It typically consists of a thin rod made of metal or plastic with a hook attached, used to hold the IV bag. The rod is equipped with a telescopic mechanism that allows for adjustment to different heights, enabling the IV bag height to be adjusted according to the patient's position and treatment requirements.

IV Stand

IV Stand MSA 4060

IV Stand

IV Stand MSA 4061

IV Stand (Telescopic)

IV Stand (Telescopic) MSA 4062

Serum Hanger (Telescopic)

Serum Hanger (Telescopic) MSA 4063

Also known as infusion carriers, these stands are designed to transport serum mixtures prepared for injection to patients. These serums are infused into the patient's body through the bloodstream during the treatment process. The carrier's function is to securely transport the solutions while allowing the patient to move around and continue their treatment.

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