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Sink Basins

Stainless steel sinks are preferred in various institutions such as commercial and industrial kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, and schools due to their durability and hygienic properties. Sinks are resistant to water and corrosion, non-stick, scratch-resistant, and resistant to impact.

Stainless Washbasin System

Stainless Washbasin System MDML 4050

Stainless Washbasin (Wall type)

Stainless Washbasin (Wall type) MDML 4040

Mounted Sink (Type Wall)

Mounted Sink (Type Wall) MDML 4543

Mounted Sink (Wall Type)

Mounted Sink (Wall Type) MDML 4546

Mop Washing Sink

Mop Washing Sink MPYE 1071

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Sink MAKE 4150

Some models of these stands are wall-mounted, while others are floor-standing. Depending on the need, they can be equipped with accessories such as faucets, touchless sensors, soap dispensers, and dishwashing detergent dispensers.

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