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Patient Room Furnitures

Our patient room furniture and electric beds are designed to make healthcare settings more comfortable and efficient. We prioritize patient well-being, so our furnishings have adjustable features and ergonomic support to enhance the patient experience and make it easier for caregivers to do their jobs. Our electric beds can be adjusted to different positions, making it easier for patients to move around and for medical procedures to be carried out. Alongside these, our patient room furniture, such as bedside tables and chairs, is designed to meet a variety of needs, ensuring that both patients and healthcare providers feel comfortable during consultations, treatments, and recovery. Discover how our healthcare furniture solutions can improve patient care and workflow in your facility.

Single Crank Manual Patient Bed

Single Crank Manual Patient Bed MHY 1000

Electrical Patient Beds

Electrical Patient Beds Category

Blood Collection Area

Blood Collection Area Category

Medical Curtains

Medical Curtains Category

Bedside Cabinet

Bedside Cabinet MHBK 6010

Overbed Table

Overbed Table MHYM 6010

Companion Chair

Companion Chair MRKT 1500

Patient Bed With Three Electrical Motors

Patient Bed With Three Electrical Motors MHY 3000

Patient Bed With Four Electrical Motors

Patient Bed With Four Electrical Motors MHY 4000

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