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Stainless Steel Working Tables

They provide a sturdy, durable, and hygienic working surface in areas such as medicine, healthcare services, and medical facilities. Tables made of stainless steel are highly resistant to scratches, impacts, and wear, and they are also resistant to various chemicals. Being a material that can be disinfected, it is used as a worktable in hospitals.

Mayo Tables

Mayo Tables Category

Working Table with Two-Drawers

Working Table with Two-Drawers MCTC 1039

Working Table (Perforated Panel)

Working Table (Perforated Panel) MCTC 1038

Height Adjustable Work Table

Height Adjustable Work Table MCTY 1045

Working Table (Mobile)

Working Table (Mobile) MSC 1044

Falcate Table

Falcate Table MAM 2160

Mobile Table with Water Filtration

Mobile Table with Water Filtration MSM 5080

Baby Washing Table

Baby Washing Table MBE 1060

Plaster Preparation Table

Plaster Preparation Table MAM 1070

Autopsy Tables

Autopsy Tables Category

Body Washing Tables

Body Washing Tables Category

Dissection Tables

Dissection Tables Category

Working Tables

Working Tables Category

Packing Tables

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Heat Sealers

Heat Sealers Category

For handling, sorting, cleaning, assembling, and preparing medical devices and equipment, Mixta Working Tables offer specialized workspaces. These prep tables are designed to promote efficient workflow, enabling CSSD staff to complete duties in a systematic way and lowering the danger of cross-contamination. Mixta Work Benches have rounded edges and smooth surfaces. These tables ensure ergonomic comfort and safety for the staff. Made of durable material 304-grade stainless steel, they can withstand rigorous cleaning processes and heavy loads. Moreover, working tables are easy to clean and sanitize, maintaining a sterile environment and minimizing the risk of infections.

Depending on the needs of the end user, the scope of available space, and the sterilization volume, Mixta Stainless Steel Working Tables can be produced in a variety of sizes and with optional features like sliding or hinged cupboards, shelves, or drawers.

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