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Washing Disinfection Devices

Washer disinfectors are vital components within Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSD) and endoscope reprocessing facilities, serving as specialized machines designed to meticulously clean and disinfect medical instruments and endoscopes. These sophisticated devices are indispensable for maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of equipment essential for medical procedures. Their role in ensuring the success of sterilization processes and upholding patient safety is paramount. At MİXTA, we prioritize the highest standards of quality and durability in all our products, including washer disinfectors. Through rigorous research and development, we continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of healthcare facilities and practitioners, ensuring our washer disinfectors remain at the forefront of efficiency and reliability.

CSSD Washer Disinfectors

CSSD Washer Disinfectors MYC Series

Endoscope Washer Disinfector

Endoscope Washer Disinfector MEYC 6500

Ultrasound Cleaning Machines

Ultrasound Cleaning Machines Category

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