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Emergency Showers

Emergency shower systems are designed to ensure the safety of workers in industrial and laboratory environments in the event of possible chemical or biological contact situations.

Emergency Eye and Body Shower

Emergency Eye and Body Shower MAGV 7002

Emergency Body Shower

Emergency Body Shower MAGV 7001

Eye Washing Sink

Eye Washing Sink MAGY 7000

Emergency showers typically consist of a pump, pipes, and showerheads. Hospital staff members immediately rush to the emergency shower system in the event of unwanted chemical or biological contact. When the showerhead is opened, a special spraying mechanism rapidly sprays high-pressure water onto the workers, helping to wash away chemicals or biological substances from the affected areas of the body.

Emergency showers are extremely important for ensuring the safety of workers. They enable quick intervention in potential hazard situations and help prevent serious injuries or illnesses. Additionally, they contribute to increasing work efficiency by helping workers feel psychologically safe.

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