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We care about the health of the world.

Human by nature is in search of meaning throughout their life. In order to find this meaning and achieve his goal, he maintains his life with great effort throughout his life. The meaning and purpose they live, produce, memories, and leave behind ultimately remain as a legacy to humanity and the world.

When we discovered this situation, we hit the road! We had to create meaning and work to develop that meaning.

As in the source of everything, we are in and presented to us, we found our meaning and expressions from within the universe.

Something billions in the universe caught our attention. There were billions of things, and yet one of them excited, gave hope, and brought happiness to everyone who came across it more and more each time. When we realize this, we suddenly become aware of everything, including the mission we will impose on ourselves and the name we will give ourselves.

The existence, name, and mission of a comet have given us endless enthusiasm. We brought our energy to the nirvana at the first moment of our awareness. Well, it still is!

We called ourselves Mixta. We named it after a comet. Even if there are billions of us, we gave ourselves a meaning by saying that the first to see us should be excited, hopeful, and happy.

We have achieved this since 2007 and it seems that; We will continue to succeed with our mission, our activities, our valuable colleagues, and our friendly customers.

We have interpreted what exists in the health sector differently from the very first moment. We made it easier to use and differentiated it. We accept that we bring things that are not periodically to the sector. Sometimes we make a difference.

Mixta means; nowadays it has developed itself so much and has adapted to the developing world so much that; now it has become much more than just an institution that produces value-added products in the health sector.

Now, the health campus has turned into an institution whose experience is sought in the projects of hospitals or smaller health enterprises, whose support is requested for the project, who directs the project, can see the future of the project as well as the current needs of the project, and ensures that the projects are positioned economically, accurately and functionally.

As we see that the difference we create in 84 countries on 7 continents, the added value we provide, and the useful products we produce make the life of humanity easier, our happiness increases as we feel that the meaning we put on ourselves comes to life when we set out.

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