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Stainless Steel Bins

Trash bins, which are used in homes, offices, gardens, or public areas, are made of 304-grade stainless steel due to their durable and rust-resistant properties. These products demonstrate resistance to high temperatures, impacts, and scratches. They are manufactured in various sizes and designs. The capacity of the bins is determined according to the space and needs. Various models are available, including pedal-operated, hydraulic, and swing-top lids.

Swinging Cover Thrash Can

Swinging Cover Thrash Can MSKC 1206

Hydraulic Waste Receptacle

Hydraulic Waste Receptacle MCKA 1109

Pedal Dustbin

Pedal Dustbin MPCK 1110

Epoxy Coated Hydraulic Waste Receptacle

Epoxy Coated Hydraulic Waste Receptacle MCKA 1120

Pedestal Ashtray

Pedestal Ashtray MKK 753

Pedestal Ashtray

Pedestal Ashtray MKK 754

Kick Bucket

Kick Bucket MAK 2190

Waste Bucket (Conical – 12 Liters)

Waste Bucket (Conical – 12 Liters) MAKK 2180

Kick Bucket (Depth Adjusted)

Kick Bucket (Depth Adjusted) MAK 2193

Thanks to their easy-to-clean and washable features, they ensure hygienic use. Made from environmentally friendly materials, they are recyclable. They add elegance to spaces by offering an aesthetic appearance. They are commonly used in both indoor and outdoor areas in hospitals.

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