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Sterilization Baskets

Sterilization baskets, which are special stainless steel products designed to be used during the sterilization process of medical instruments, allow the instruments to be placed properly and prevent them from coming into contact with each other.

Washing and Sterilization Basket

Washing and Sterilization Basket MYS 5040

Mobile Baskets

Mobile Baskets MHS 5030

Conical Washing and Sterilization Basket

Conical Washing and Sterilization Basket MKS 9010

Washing and Sterilization Baskets

Washing and Sterilization Baskets MYS 5041

Washing and Sterilization Basket

Washing and Sterilization Basket MYS 5051

Washing and Sterilization Basket

Washing and Sterilization Basket MYSK 5045

It is produced in different sizes and shapes according to the needs. When used in accordance with hospital procedures, they help to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

In Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD), washing and sterilization baskets serve as a practical and organized system for the proper handling, cleaning, and sterilization of medical instruments and equipment. These trays, cassettes, or baskets serve as auxiliary equipment in organizing, protecting, and facilitating the handling of materials to be washed, decontaminated, or sterilized. While supporting efficient workflow, the baskets contribute to the strict adherence to hygiene and sterilization standards. The lid options, sizes and capacities of the baskets are determined based on the dimensions of the devices to be processed and the materials intended to be placed inside them.

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