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Sterilization is the process of eliminating microorganisms. Sterilizers achieve this process using various methods.

Plasma Sterilizers

Plasma Sterilizers MPS Series

Steam Sterilizers

Steam Sterilizers MBS Series

Autoclave (23 L)

Autoclave (23 L) MFO 8003

Plasma sterilizers utilize high-frequency electromagnetic waves to achieve sterilization. In these devices, high-energy gas called plasma is used at low pressure to eliminate microorganisms. They are particularly useful for sterilizing sensitive medical equipment.

On the other hand, steam sterilizers operate using the steam method. These devices generate steam by boiling water in a pressure chamber, and this hot steam is used to sterilize surfaces. Steam sterilizers are commonly used in the medical industry for the sterilization of surgical instruments, laboratory glassware, and other sensitive medical equipment.

Autoclave machines, on the other hand, utilize pressurized steam for the sterilization process. Autoclaves work under high pressure by creating steam through boiling water in a closed chamber, leading to a more effective cleaning process.

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